After an unintentional 20-year hiatus from creating art, I reluctantly enrolled myself in a painting class in hopes that it would provide me with the inspiration I needed to start creating again.  It worked, and though I stuck with painting for about 6 months, I never truly connected with the medium.  It was only after I was introduced to encaustic painting that I found my true passion. 


The encaustic medium – made up of beeswax, damar resin and pigments - is incredibly versatile; from painting solely with encaustic paints, to photo transfers, collage, incorporating ink and charcoal and even using it in a 3-dimensional capacity, the possibilities are endless.  This versatility is what left me enamored because I am not an artist who is driven by intense emotion, symbolism or social and political themes; I am driven simply by the process itself, the endless experimentation, and ultimately what I find to be beautiful.  I find inspiration in hundred-year-old photos, antique books, and anything that has a mysterious story or history that I can attempt to retell through art. 

I work out of my home in Charlottesville. VA, and when I'm not playing with wax, I'm being "Mom" to my 8 year old boy, and wife to my amazingly supportive husband.  

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